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REMINDERS: Upcoming Week: July 16-20th.
Author: Ryan Brown
Good afternoon Wildcats!! We have a busy upcoming week as Team 82 prepares for the soon-to-arrive season... Monday: July 16--Morning and evening weights/conditioning session (8:30-10am and 6-7:30 respectively).      &nbs
REMINDERS: Upcoming Week: July 9th-13th
Author: Ryan Brown
Good Afternoon Wildcats!         I'm hoping everyone had a wonderful and restful week, enjoyed the 4th, and are ready to get back into action.  Here are a few reminders for the upcoming week.....        
Author: Ryan Brown-Tedx talk by Angus Reid
Just a reminder-next week is our MHSAA mandated "Dead Week".  Tonight at 6 will be our last lifting/conditioning session for this week.  All next week we will take a break, again-NO LIFTING/CONDITIONING NEXT WEEK!  We will pi
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